Ultimate ChatGPT-4o Prompt Guide

ChatGPT-4 turns individual effort into extraordinary output. Let this AI assistant enhance your productivity, allowing you to accomplish more than a team and excel in your endeavors

Discover all the essential information about the new ChatGPT-4o and learn how to leverage it effectively for maximum success.

ChatGPT-4o can make you complete your hours of manual work in minutes.

This guide will walk you through all you need to learn and know about ChatGPT-4o, from prompting techniques to best practices for using ChatGPT-4o and custom prompts for different use cases like Sales, Marketing, Web Development, Data Science, etc.

Before we start, remember these pro tips…

  • It’s better to use ChatGPT alongside other productivity tools to maximize efficiency.
  • Use a handful of budget-friendly productivity and AI tools in conjunction with ChatGPT, such as Notion-AI (AI-Everything app), Miro (Free Visual Content Creation from text/chat tool), Quillbot (Grammarly’s more affordable and better version), and SaneBox (Free Email Management tool), which I personally use.
  • These tools are not only cost-effective but will also significantly boost your productivity, enabling you to excel in your day-to-day tasks.
  • Not happy with the output? Tweak these prompts slightly and try again, or ask it to improve its answer.
  • Good prompting skills will always benefit you, whether working with ChatGPT or any other LLM/Generative AI tool.

Here is the Bonus tip for you all:


Bonus Tip 1 — Miro is an AI-native app designed to streamline the process of brainstorming, studying, organizing, note-taking and presenting ideas.

Create stunning visual content(mind-maps, flowcharts, presentations etc) simply by chatting.

Miro helps convert your notes and structured essays into beautiful mind maps. It can create an easy-to-understand visual presentation from any idea or prompt.

Just enter a prompt, and you get a beautiful chart of your choice amongst the 2500+ free concept map templates. It makes me and my team understand everything faster,more efficient, and save a tonne of time.

I use it to create stunning mind maps, visual brainstorming, creating flowcharts and other presentations from my unorganized notes and ideas especially for my work, and studies.

This app has completely revolutionized the way I take notes and record my ideas, as someone who enjoys taking notes and jotting down every idea, this app is truly a game-changer.

It is another value-for-money tool that is dirt cheap compared to the amazing features it provides. Trust me, you will absolutely fall in love with this app’s simplicity, user experience, and ease of use.

Pricing: Freemium

I strongly recommend it to everyone. Definitely a must-have visual productivity tool in your list.

MIRO is truly your perfect day-to-day visual study/brainstorming/ideation buddy.


MIRO — Best Visual Productivity Tool for this Month
MIRO — Best Visual Productivity Tool for this Month


Bonus Tip 2: One great AI Productivity Writing tool I recently started using for day-to-day writing and tasks such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, QuillBot-Flow , QuillBot AI Content Detector, Paraphraser, Summariser, and translator is QuillBot .

I wanted to try something similar and cheaper than Grammarly(12$ per month).

I took up its yearly premium for around $4/month (58% off) . The price was literally dirt cheap compared to other writing tools I have used in the past.

I personally love QuillBot Flow, and the whole set of amazing writing tools it offers.

Personally, it’s UI and UX is very simple and easy to use. So I just wanted to share this awesome, productive tool with you all. Do check it out and use it in your day-to-day writing tasks.

It is literally a one-stop shop writing productivity tool for everyone.


Best Productivity Writing tool for this month
Best Productivity Writing tool for this month

Good Prompts vs Bad Prompts

Here, I have just demonstrated some examples of good vs bad prompts that can affect the quality of the response from any LLM like ChatGPT or even Google’s Gemini etc.

Technology Inquiry:

  • Bad Prompt: Tell me about EV?
  • Good Prompt: What are some breakthroughs in electric car technology in the last two years?

Business Insights:

  • Bad Prompt: How do I increase sales?
  • Good Prompt: What are some proven market entry strategies for a new tech product in a competitive market?

Historical Analysis

  • Bad Prompt: Tell me about history.
  • Good Prompt: Could you analyze the economic impacts of the Treaty of Versailles following World War I?

Best Practices to Use ChatGPT-4o

Here are some best practices and guidelines for effectively using LLM tools and ChatGPT-4o and getting the best out of them:

  1. Be clear and specific: Clearly communicate your request or questions
  2. Start with Instructions: Tell the model how you want it to behave.
  3. Provide Context: Give the model relevant information about the topic.
  4. Use Complete Sentences: Frame your prompts to ensure the model understands.
  5. Use Previous Answers: Reference the model’s previous responses.
  6. Experiment and Iterate: Experiment with different phrasing or variations.
  7. Use Explicit Instructions: Clearly state your instructions in the prompt.
  8. Limit The Response length: Ask the model to provide specific key points.
  9. Refine and Review: Adjust your prompts for more accurate answers.
  10. Verify and Fast-check: Make sure the information is correct.

Prompts for Content Creation:

  • Write an introduction for a blog post on [topic].
  • Develop a step-by-step tutorial video on [topic] for our YouTube channel.
  • Craft a content calendar with [number] blog post ideas, including [keywords].
  • Generate a list of 10 provoking questions for a blog post about [topic].
  • Create a checklist for conducting market research before launching [product].
  • Develop a whitepaper on [topic]. Keep it under [number of words].
  • Write a series of email newsletters providing tips and tricks for (topic].
  • Rewrite this bulleted list to start with the same [part of speech].
  • Rewrite this paragraph as a bulleted list.

Prompts for Marketing:

  • Create a Linkedin post under 150 words using this [insert copy here].
  • Create an Instagram carousel with [number] slides using this [insert copy].
  • Write persuasive Google Ad copy for a campaign targeting [keyword.
  • Craft an email to customers for [company who haven’t purchased from us.
  • Write [number] CTA messages about [insert material here].
  • Write a 60-second YouTube script for [product or service name] using [information].
  • Come up with [YouTube video ideas for the company] about [topic].
  • Turn the data below into a case study: (1) Challenge (2) Solution (3) Result.
  • Create a landing page copy for a limited-time discount on [product or service].

Prompts for Web Development

  • List [number] of topics for a web development course tailored for beginners.
  • Provide [number] creative ideas for integrating animation effects in web applications.
  • Develop a flowchart for testing process tailored for web development projects.
  • Suggest [number] engaging ideas for a web-based game development course.
  • Give me [number] ideas to incorporate SOLID principles in web development.
  • Suggest [number] techniques for handling user authentication in web applications.
  • Describe [number] use cases for machine learning in web applications.
  • Write down [number] relevant topics for a workshop in web development.
  • Act as a brainstorming assistant and suggest [number] ideas for a coding challenge.
  • Can you provide [number] unique ideas for a user interface components?

Prompts for Sales:

  • Develop a compelling sales pitch for [product/service], using [information].
  • Write a follow-up email to a lead who has shown interest in our [product/service].
  • Create a persuasive sales script for a marketing campaign for our [niche] company.
  • Develop a personalized proposal for a potential client using [pain points list]
  • Generate a list of objection-handling techniques to overcome [concerns].
  • Write a cold email sequence for nurturing partnerships.
  • Develop a referral program for existing customers of [product/service].
  • Create a sales presentation deck for [product/service] using [specifications].
  • Develop a competitive analysis report for our [product/service], using [data].

Prompts for Data Science:

  • Act as a data scientist and build a machine learning model for me based on [data].
  • Act as an automatic machine learning (AutoML) bot using these [instructions].
  • Can you help me train a [model name]? Please provide the Python code.
  • Write the code for [subject] data visualization and exploration, including [parameters].
  • Create a CVS dataset with [number rows and [number] columns based on this [datal.
  • Write a Python regex that matches email addresses.
  • Build a machine-learning model that predicts [subject] based on historical data.
  • Perform feature engineering for a customer churn prediction model using [metrics].
  • Give me the instructions to implement a natural language processing (NLP) model.
  • I need a dataset for sentiment analysis with [number] rows and [number] columns.

Prompts for Customer Success:

  • Develop a step-by-step guide on handling complaints like [Complaints].
  • Write an email to a customer regarding [inquiry]
  • Create a customer service script for handling billing inquiries.
  • Develop [number] guidelines for creating personalized customer experiences.
  • Write a live chat response to assist [customer name] in troubleshooting [problem].
  • Create a template to respond to customer feedback or reviews.
  • Write [number] FAQs addressing common questions and concerns using [data].
  • Write a social media response to a customer complaint about our [product/service].
  • Create a template for proactive customer outreach for [company name] in [industry].
  • Develop a guide on effective cross-selling and upselling techniques, including identifying and presenting relevant product suggestions to customers.

Best Productivity Tools to Use with ChatGPT-4o

Now, solely relying on ChatGPT-4o isn't enough. I have selected a few best, cost-effective, and feature-rich Generative AI tools for you to use alongside ChatGPT-4, to achieve the best results.


  1. Helps convert notes into structured essays with beautiful mind maps.
  2. Create stunning mind maps, visual brainstorming, flowcharts, and other presentations from your unorganized notes and ideas.
  3. Thousands of free concept map templates to choose from.
  4. Ideal for mind mapping, creating flowcharts, and other presentations for work and studies.

MIRO — Best Visual Productivity Tool for this Month

Try-Now: https://miro.com/brainstorming/

Pricing: Freemium

2. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one productivity/task management tool. It’s a game-changer, streamlining everything in one place.

Notion AI recently took on Google Docs and Microsft Office, as per Forbes.

Notion has continued to double down on Knowledge Management and AI, becoming an industry leader.


Plus, it’s the cheapest all-in-one AI productivity tool I’ve ever used, with tons of features.

That is why this tool tops the list.

Try-Now: https://www.notion.so/

Pricing: 8$/month

3. Quillbot

  1. One great AI Productivity Writing tool I use for day-to-day writing and tasks such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, QuillBot-Flow , QuillBot AI Content Detector, Paraphraser, Summariser, and translator is QuillBot .
  2. Cheaper than Grammarly(12$ per month).
  3. Its UI and UX are very simple and easy to use.
  4. Another one-stop shop writing productivity tool for everyone.


Try-Now: https://try.quillbot.com/

Pricing: 4$/month

4. SaneBox

SaneBox is an AI-powered email assistant that helps you better manage your inbox, from prioritizing your most important messages, getting rid of unwanted emails forever, automatic filtering and sorting emails to a folder, and AI-assisted replies, saving hours of time (and frustration!) each day — hours you can use to focus on the work that really matters.


Emails are the Productivity’s #1 Killer. Email overload is real and can be overwhelming, and having a tool like SaneBox to help manage it can make a huge difference in productivity and peace of mind and stop wasting time on emails.

I have recently started using this app, it’s really a super-power having it.

Try-Now: https://try.sanebox.com

Pricing: Free to use, and on signing up, you get a $25 credit towards a SaneBox Pro subscription. Pro plans start at a dirt-cheap price of 2.5$ per month.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog about mastering ChatGPT-4o and using it daily.

To sum it up, ChatGPT-4o is an invaluable tool for those seeking to enhance productivity and effectiveness in their day-to-day life.

Source: Anish Singh Walia